3 Whole Grain Summer Recipes | Sliders + Salad + Cookies

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75 Replies to “3 Whole Grain Summer Recipes | Sliders + Salad + Cookies”

  1. Summer is in full swing, so I’ve got three new whole grain recipes that would be great to bring along to a summer bbq, picnic, or cookout AND they would also be great for a simple weeknight dinner. I can’t wait to hear which one you will try first. Be sure to come down to the comments below and let me know. xo-Dani

    • Clean & Delicious yes! And when it’s colder outside I like to make a chickpeas and tuna cream in the processor, mix that with the cooked farro when it’s still warm, drizzle some olive oil and boom dinner’s ready 😉

  2. Yay Thanks so much Dani for doing this Awesome video, and the discount code. I too love Bob’s Red Mill! Happy Friday Dani, I hope You have
    a great day and much Love and Blessings for You Dani!

  3. 1) I love Bob’s Red Mill products. 2) I am so excited to see recipies from you today. 3) I plan to make all 3. What a great picinic idea.

  4. Loved these recipes. Do you have a farro 101 video? I’d be interested in seeing more videos using this grain. I’m definitely going to make all three recipes eventually starting right now with the cookies. My great niece is visiting. She and my daughter is gonna love it!

  5. How funny! I just had some baked salmon and quinoa left over from day before yesterday I could have made the salmon sliders but my husband ate it last night for dinner. Oh well. I will make them next week. Thanks for your healthy and delicious recipes.

  6. As always I like your recipes. I have been eating Bobs red mill for a long time and they are great! I probably will skip the cookie recipe but if you had kids that would be so much better than the junk cookies at the grocery store. Canned salmon is so much cheaper than fresh and is good for you as well. Combined with quinoa, sounds great.

    • Thanks Lance! I’ve been a fan of Bob’s for a long time as well and I agree about the salmon! It’s one of my favorite pantry staples.

  7. i am meal prepping the salmon quinoa sliders for lunch next week.. and the farro salad looks amazing

  8. I LOVE your videos! So inspiring. You have the best meal ideas. Thanks so much for posting!

  9. Dani, do you think the quinoa sliders recipe could work without the salmon? I’m a vegetarian.

  10. Hello Dani…
    I plan on trying the Salmon burger first… Thanks for sharing!
    Do you have a video on how to prepare barley?

  11. OMG!!! These all look so good, definitely going to make these ASAP!!!!!! Never bought from Bobs Red Mill but it looks FABULOUS so I will certainly use that code, THANK YOU so much Dani xxxxxxx

  12. By the way, the oatmeal cookies has the chia seed substitute for egg in the description box

    • Oops! That’s the vegan option… if you are not vegan, swap with one egg (I will fix that!)

  13. Love the Farro recipe! Would you be able to talk about how long it keeps in the fridge, what to do with Farro leftovers, or other recipes with Farro?

  14. I’m so excited. My mom has celiac disease so we use lots of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free ingredients. To save some money on them will be awesome!

  15. Thanks for sharing! While I don’t feed my family exactly like you, I do make almost everything from scratch. Bob’s makes the best (I’ve tried EVERYTHING!) whole wheat bread pastry flour! I’m definitely trying your salmon sliders asap!!

  16. I appreciate your recipes. Do you ever cook with sprouted grains and does Bob’s Red Mill have any sprouted grains or flours they offer?

  17. Just made the farro salad since I already had some cooked, and pesto in the freezer! Its wonderful, thank you Dani! Doing the salmon patties next

  18. Cookies look amazing! Can I sub whole wheat flour with almond flour or oat flour? Thanks so much!!

  19. Clean & Delicious Thanks for the s
    mashed beans suggestion. I’m allergic to fish and sea food. ☹

  20. The farro salad is delicious….I added chicken to mine and used the 10 minute farro from Trader Joe’s. You always have the best recipes- thank you for sharing!

  21. Hi I love your videos but I’m a diabetic I’ve been buying bobs red mill products for years could you please post some diabetic recipes thank you.

  22. Dani for the cooks can I use coconut flour or what other gluten free flour will you recommend me to replace the flour that you used???

  23. “Clean and Delicious” where have you been all my life?, I just found you and I can’t wait to watch all your videos!!!!!!.

  24. i would ask a question about the farro and i mean no disrespect or anything but how do you know or we would know its really what they say it is and some company inst substituting ordinary wheat etc as i have found that some of these companies dont always give us what they say swiss for example was proven to putting hardly any real ingredient in there multivitamins and other pills

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