4 EASY, AFFORDABLE, DELICIOUS CROCKPOT MEAL IDEAS & RECIPES! I hope that you all enjoy these videos as much as I enjoy making them! Always …. quick cooking slow cooker recipes


  1. What do you use for a crock pot liner? I never thought to do that! … Do i literally just look for ” crock pot liners” or is it something else

  2. It taste really bad but celery juice is good for heart burn! You can get a cold pressed juice at the grocery store if you don’t have a juicer ! 🙂

  3. This has been a strange week. I cannot handle chicken. The smell won’t let me eat it. And I have been craving red meat which I normally hate.

  4. Ty for all the tips. I need to get my crockpot out and get to cooking. Hope you are ok. Prayers to you and your family

  5. This is inspiring Tiffani ❤️ ❤️ will be trying these meals xxxx hope u r well and looking after yourself xx

  6. I am definitely going to have to try these! I use to use my crockpot all the time but I couldn’t think of new recipes so this is perfect! ♥️

  7. Love easy crockpot meals. Especially on hot days when you don’t want to be standing over a hot stove cooking.

  8. i love these recipes and videos. im a single mom, so my crock pot is my best friend, i use it at least twice a week. and these are real food recipes which is a bonus

  9. It’s awesome you can get your toddlers to eat a salad. Mine won’t. More interested in the shape and color of a vegetable.

  10. All four look so good, chicken is the only meat i eat too . I will have to try all these i love crock pot meals

  11. So obsessed with these videos! Moms always need to recipes to try esp with the convinience of the crock pot!!

  12. I need to try that chicken corn chowder recipe… i need to get my mom life together since im 16 weeks pregnant i need to start cooking more lol.. your an insperation

  13. I see a lot of people using Pink salt. Whats the difference between regular salt and pink salt? Btw the Crockpot meals looked Amazing!!!

    • Kailyn Broughton I actually have been using the pink salt – “Pink Himalayan Salt”. This salt is more of a healthy choice versus using table salt, and is also one of the purest salts that you can find. It is packed with minerals that a lot of people tend to be lacking. Though it can be a bit more pricer end depending on the amount and brand it is definitely worth the try! You can find it at Publix, Walmart, and Amazon.

  14. Thank you so much for the crockpot recipes. Yum! I have to try them all! Hope you an baby Ella are getting some rest.

  15. Love your new beginning with the little previews! Girl the chicken enchalada soup from the last video is life! Soooo good. Can’t wait to try these! Thank you!

  16. I love these videos so much! I make something similar to your chicken fajitas but I like to add black beans and avacado at the end!

  17. I have this strange fear of cooking anything in a crock pot without having it submerged in liquid. I’m always scared to burn it. It sounds really dumb, especially after seeing your perfectly cooked bbq chicken meal coming out. I am going to do that meal this weekend or I’ll try… my husband hates broccoli with a passion and if it all tastes like it, he will act like a baby, haha.

  18. Love these crockpot recipes. I used the one from the last video that had chicken thighs and the basil pesto alfredo sauce. Very delicious. I’m gonna try the red sauce recipe from this batch soon. I keep forgetting to buy liners at the store. I cant begin to imagine the convenience those will be with clean up.

  19. Cant wait to try these out. Ive been looking for new crockpot recipes recently. Good luck w baby ella as well!

    • michelle in the last crock pot video she said a couple times “use what you like”, and “I used what I had.” So change it up if you like white meat better.

  20. my son bought me an instant pot for christmas and i hv yet to use it! sits beautifully on our countertop. seven months later – time to put that baby to use Lol.

  21. I’m new to the crockpot thing so I don’t use a liner..Is the liner just to keep the food from sticking?I would Google it but tiff I trust your reasoning..lol

  22. You are my ALL TIME favorite YouTube channel! And thank you for the vegetarian link….. I’m one of the ones who asked for vegetarian meal ideas. I can’t believe how awesome your videos are even when you’re about to give birth! Love and prayers for your family! Can’t wait to meet Ella 🙂

  23. Those crockpot meals look delicious. Salsa chicken is really good too. I put chicken breasts and salsa on top of the chicken and cook it in the crockpot until the chicken is cooked through. You could eat it like that or once it’s cooked, pull out the chicken, shred it and mix cream cheese with the chicken until it looks creamy and add Mexican shredded cheese. Wrap that mixture in some flour tortillas and place on a greased baking pan, spread some butter on top and bake until crispy…and voila homemade Flautas. Learned that recipe from PhillipsFamBam.

  24. Hi Tiffany! Can you link the crock pot bags you use ? I absolutely hate cleaning my crackpot after a meal and that mostly stoos me from using it is the cleaning ! Haha

  25. I’m in the UK we only have sweet corn but looks like the regular corn you put in. What’s the difference

  26. Love these recipes, thank you! I feel like I have been stuck in a dinner rut so I’m excited to try something new!

  27. thanks will def. try these recipes.. The one with the pasta did you put the pasta in the crockpot uncooked or cooked pasta first. if uncooked how long did it take

  28. Salsa chicken is super easy as well I use it over chips for nachos lol. Chicken breast and dump your favorite salsa over it lol

  29. Love the way you put the video together! Keep doing them Im making two of your this week!

  30. I am fully impressed that you pronounced Worcestershire sauce correctly lol. I just call it horsy sauce haha

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