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  1. lol, you missed the third thing for the youtube triad: list, hacks, and *clickbait*
    I’m glad you missed that third one, though.
    great video ^_^

  2. I just usually wear a stone of jordan and amulet of viper, gives easily over 9000x for the turmeric.
    But for real, I always have amla powder, turmeric, nutritional and blueberries yeast in my morning oatmeal. Used with dates or dried grapes it barely tastes anything.

  3. I’m your first view And your first like!!! xD Nice video btw! Thank u for the turmeric hack, I always put turmeric on my almond milk with cinnamon and ginger, but i’ll start putting it more on my food so I can use the black pepper :). So there is no way that you can absorb turmeric on a sweet drink then? 🙁

    • Tany Luna hi TL! I make a warm sweet turmeric tea, 2 cups organic soy milk (which also has some fat that helps with absorption ), turmeric, raw ginger root, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper and a couple of dates. Sometimes I add ground cardamon or cloves. Put everything in a high speed blender, heat and drink. It’s really filling and yummy.


  5. Turmeric has an ‘r’ between the ‘u’ and the ‘m’. I used to not pronounce the ‘r’ either, but that is incorrect.

    • I still pronounce the “r”, but I was considering stopping because I notice that many people don’t!

  6. If the radiation is soooo damaging we might have seen a huge increase in abnormalities and deceases in flight-crew-pebs… DO WE??? 🙂 ♥

    • My husband , a pilot, many hours up in the sky, has had two pre cancerous moles removed recently.

    • Thank you for the info… What kind of food did he eat? I mean the food they serve on flights is something they have carved out of a mine maybe somewhere in China… 🙂 Maybe stress…Who really knows the cause?

    • Thanks for the info.. Do you have a link? Could also be the food they eat or their stressed schedules – working at night and son on 🙂

    • +Michael Martinussen He is in his late 50’s, dosen’t really eat airline food anymore ( It gets boring after awhile) being 100% Italian has olive skin and eats a Mediterranean diet. Hasn’t followed me into a plant based diet but rarely has dairy ( some parmiggiano on pasta) and eats meat a couple times a month. What he does have too much (imho) is too much coffee.

  7. I slip in 1/4 teaspoon of Amla into my big bowl of bean/vegetable stew and I don’t notice it. I think if you slip just a little into your savory foods you won’t notice it. Otherwise, yeah, it tastes like bitter dirt.

    • NoExitLoveNow great idea! I get the frozen berries here from the Indian mart. They are mouth puckeringly astringent, green, and have a really cool shaped seed.

    • I mix alma powder with a bit of matcha. Not bad. Cyrus and Robbie sell a deli tea with amla as the main ingredient.

  8. One more food hack with numerous benefits: CINNAMON ON EVERYTHANG!!! I don’t know if that counts as a hack, but on your flavor vs. health benefit graph cinnamon is the DJ Khaled of spices: all it does is win-win-win. I will sit down now…

  9. Do you have to eat these foods simultaneously? For example, my daily vitamin C intake is totally fine, but do I have to eat some vitamin C with breakfast to increase the iron absorption front that meal?

  10. Dr. Michael Gregor says you only need a quarter teaspoon every day of tuRmeric. I have it with my lemon water (and black pepper and apple cider vinegar).

    • Johanna Woodbury, hi can you tell me how much of the ingredients you use? I like lemon water but not sure how much of these things to add.

    • I like to use half a lemon, about a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar, five or six grinds of pepper, and actually some cayenne pepper, and two cups of warm water. Then I rinse my mouth to avoid tooth or ocean, and drink a liter of water after.

    • I add a quarter teaspoon turmeric, a few good shakes of black pepper, and some stevia to hot black tea, maybe add some soy creamer, and it tastes fine. I’m hoping it’s enough of the good stuff to do some good.

  11. I’ve gone vegan, and as of late I’ve noticed my vision is getting better & my mood is improving. It probably has to do with the weight loss but, my self esteem issues are definitely going away

    • Amen!! It is the most amazing lifestyle – I am never going back. Infact when I think of eating any animals and or their products, it sickens me. I will be 60 (oct 22) AND I have boundless energy. I am planning to barrel race but have 2 lbs. to go to reach my goal weight of 110 to barrel race (but I loose weight effortlessly – best shape since HS) Woot Woot! God bless Mr. Adam!!

    • Byron Murphy  Me tooo – I pray for people to try 3 weeks (I did the Daniel fast in Daniel 1:10-17 made a believer out of me, and reversed my CHF heart disease!), to see for themselves. G-d bless Mr. Byron!

    • +Tara Francis Congratulations Tara, keep it up, check out Veggie Rose here on Youtube, she’s giving away a free cookbook to everybody (you can donate 99c if you want to, you don’t have to).

    • +Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks Dr Ellsworth Wareham (a 50 year vegan) is 104 in October, you got a long way to go yet.

  12. Another important hack is using passionflower tea to treat or at least help with anxiety and/or insomnia.

    Every night, I dissolve 0.5 teaspoon of passionflower extract (about 1 gram) into a cup of hot water and sweeten it with stevia. It helps me sleep like a baby. The stuff really works. I used to be skeptical of herbal teas and stuff like that, but going vegan has made me realize that plants give us everything that we need.

    So if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety, maybe try some passionflower tea. I order the extract in bulk from Amazon, and it’s a relatively inexpensive way to help with various disorders.

    Be well, everyone!

  13. Deer meat is a healthy it is a very lean meat. In Iowa it cost roughly fifty dollars to hunt a deer. You get one it can feed a family of four for a while. How long can you feed a family of four with plants. Especially for example it usually costs three dollars for two tomatoes at the grocery store.

  14. I’ve noticed that a lot of North American youtubers pronounce turmeric as “tumoric”. Is that how it’s pronounced? Last time I checked, the missle “r” is not silent.

  15. Great video. I didnt know that about cauliflower, i always add bell pepper to my greens. I eat high raw so use salad/spring onion in salads with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds to boost zinc. Amla is sooooo cheap here in the uk too, Ive become an amla powder dealer buying it for everyone i know. It doesnt taste horrid at all Mic, you just need 1/4 tsp and mix it in ANYTHING my partner doesnt notice it at all in rice or baked beans. I put it in fruit sauces or in my thini salad dressing 🙂 🙂 I hope science teaches us more aweome absorbing combos

    • Hi raw lion, I live in the uk too, can you tell me what brand you get that is OK to eat? I assume you get it on Amazon? I ask because I’ve only ever bought it to use in a mixture to wash your hair with and wonder if I have to get a certain one safe for eating?

    • Mary McAndrew Hi Mary, I but it from Asian grocery stores. Do you live in a city? I buy mine in Manchester and have seen it in various asian grocers and Ive seen London youtubers get it the same way. Iknow what you mean about hair products. You need to look in the herb and spice sections, they come in small bags just like other spices and usually costs under a pound for a bag.

  16. Because I’m dealing with too much bleeding during perimenopause, I thought that I’d mastered all of the iron hacks, but hadn’t heard about pepper & turmeric combo – Thanks!

  17. I already use most of these hacks. YEah, its too bad Aryuveda isn’t exactly Aryuvegan, too bad also that most of their supplements are traditionally fortified with mercury and lead to make them more “potent” on top of that most supplements don’t even contain what they claim on the label, so I doubt I’d ever recommend people take Amla powder supplements. You got a free T-shirt, didn’t you?

  18. Lemon balm is great, as is lemon verbena (goes by other names), both are good for relaxing and taste great. Different herbs have different properties, so it is possible mint will not have the same effect even though in the same family.

  19. I had a feeling I wasn’t using enough turmeric and black pepper. I will increase it now. Thank you.

  20. 1. Drink green tea a couple days before flykng and before you leave the ground.
    2. Vitamkn c with non heme irln add bell peppers fruit cauliflower with yiure iron high foods.
    3. Turmeric with blvk pepper.
    4. Eat amla the indian gooseberrie.
    5. Greens for sludge blood eat youre green vegetables

  21. One on the most important videos for the people is already vegan !!! Thanks Mic

  22. Chyawanprash is amla jam for health/longevity. Tastes like chili candy, has honey and spice. Please all human beings order some. Well, it does have ghee…
    Dogs like it too!

  23. Oh good you pointed it out!
    I thought 20% iron deficiency among black and Mexican women was actually a good thing.

  24. I shake a little Amla powder on my oatmeal and add berries. I don’t notice it that way.

  25. My total cholesterol went down from 211 to 156 just from going vegan! It had only been a few months and I’m sure it will continue to fall.

  26. Have you had turmeric ice cream? I know it might sound weird but this one place near me had it so i tried it omfg sooooo good!

  27. 1st doesn’t prove anything Hench, other than you can’t have much going on if you can respond to upload notifications in a split second… Just saying :p

  28. Thank you, very trendy. After 10 years I finally managed to get my cholesterol levels down with Guggul and Lysine+Proline.

    • +Christy M. Guggul is one supplement, and Lysine + Proline is the other one. I so occasionally supplement with the other micronutrients, dha+epa, CoQ10 and astaxantin, but I have reasons to believe that Guggul and Lysine are the ones that finally worked.

  29. I can’t have garlic or onions due to celiac/sibo:( I miss it so much lol going to try reintroducing them in a few months once my gut heals

  30. Your videos are the perfect combination of sciency, useful facts and humor. Thanks for uploading such great content!

  31. Curcumin is only one of many active compounds in turmeric and little evidence to prove it is most active

    • james byrne That’s a rhetorical question. Here’s a better one. Do you think it’s natural to kill animals to get the essential nutrients to thrive as humans beings? Yes I do. It’s funny how main stream science is pushing Veganism with all these documentaries, and all these cherry picked research that don’t tell the whole truth. Since when has main stream anything been a reliable source of information?. I was preaching the same thing you were preaching. I was indoctrinated as u were. I spent hours researching about Veganism, made sure I ate a Whole Foods plant based diet, and at first I felt okay, nothing crazy, but then my digestion and my mental health spiraled out of control, but I continued with the diet because of “ethics” I’m an athlete and i noticed I had zero energy in the gym, then my stomach couldn’t take the diet any longer and I ate some eggs and immediately felt better! Veganism is a cult it is a scam! Do you think it’s natural to eat man made foods? And take supplements filled with chemicals made from a lab? And when I say man made food I’m not talking about fake meats, I’m talking about potatoes some legumes and other leafy greens like spinach, and even corn. You know what baby milk has? Saturated fat and cholestero! Which is what humans need to thrive. Likely I stated earlier 84% of vegetarians and vegans fail. Why do you think that is? Is it because “they’re doing it wrong?” There’s multiple testimonials out right now of ex vegans ranging anywhere from 1-20 years of doing the diet and all their stories share multiple similarities correlating with each other. The truth is out there in plain site. Look you can be a vegan all you want it’s your life I could careless what you do, but don’t try to push your ideologies on other ppl without actually doing some critical thinking for yourself.

    • Ben Ward
      Your comment has neither a fact or logic in it…just a mere statement with nothing to support it

    • Omar – The answer you’re looking for is no. It is not moral to violently abuse animals for an unnecessary reason. No matter how many logical fallacies or half baked conspiracy theories you ramble on about, the answer will remain no, and you know that.
      P.s. You are not thinking critically, you are just believing what you want to believe.

  32. Can you please debunk Thomas DeLauer’s stupid green detox drink that has everything you need to cleans bs.

  33. I realized after I bought and planted lemon balm seeds in my tea/herb garden, that I already had wild lemon balm growing in an untamed part of my yard. In addition to teas, it’s also great to cook with. I added some to an asian style soup I made last night.

  34. Hi Mic I love your channel I love your content you are a amazing person thank you for sharing very valuable information. Can you Please make up video on white brain matter Because you are a badass researcher and this is the newest Scare Tactics that I am hearing as a vegan from people that are not vegans please please make a video on the subject how is a vegan your white brain matter stars to disappear and you could not get it back unless you eat animal products thank you very much I love your videos and I can wait to see what you have to say on the matter

  35. Mic, you seemed to emphasize that for hack 2a, one would need to cook the garlic or onion WITH the beans in order to get the absorption super power? or can I add onions after the fact? can the onions be cooked separately and added to the cooked beans? I like to layer flavors…

    Love you, Mic. Great video so far.

  36. Haha… My name is Melissa. I am an ex bartender who thought that I had heard every Melissa joke there is. Every clever guy that wanted to flirt played “Sweet Melissa” for me untill wanted to bang my head on the bar. This was fun. Thank you. As always, love you Mic!!!

    • 1auntievenom
      As soon as he mentioned Melissa I thought of the Allman Brothers song, then he went there and I was like, “I love you Mic The Vegan”

  37. One of your better videos, brother! Very informative and more entertaining than usual.


    Can… can I do that?

    • Yup 🙂 That’s why doctors tell you to not drink milk around the same time you take iron supplements

    • +Veggies for Thought do they? But they don’t seem to recommend cutting it out entirely for people with anemia.

  38. I guess that’s why potatoes are so good for iron as they also contain a lot of Vitamin C? Spudfit’s iron levels were through the roof on his potato only diet

    • As were mine during my year of spuds! No nutritional deficiencies at all and some actual major improvement regarding my iron, zinc, and various other micronutrient levels, according to the tests I had done! So cool! And a 126 lb weight loss to boot! Love Spudfit, he’s such a neat person!

    • That’s awesome, congrats! The more people that dispel the myths of potatoes the better!

      Yeah, I wish he was on youtube more, although he’s probably wise not to be. haha

  39. StormFront animal products are in most stuff only because we don’t live in a vegan world not because we don’t have the ability to make plant versions

    • I’ve never tried mushrooms, hahaha

      There’s an online community of onion haters, we will grow!!!! (unlike onions, hopefully) /r/OnionHate on Reddit

  40. here are a few more hacks:
    – adding a source of fat (even just one walnut) to a meal seems to boost bioavailability.
    – sun exposure after eating greens seems to produce/repair coenzyme q10, which acts as an antioxidant (source: dr. greger’s book “how not to die”).
    – adding chopped raw greens to cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula), whether the cruciferous vegetable is cooked or not, as long as the greens remain uncooked, seems to produce sulforaphane (an anti-carcinogen)

  41. Loved this video and your quirky sense of humor. Your mom and dad must get a blast (old timey word) from watching your videos.

  42. OMG!!!!! This information on the Melissa is an answer to my prayer to G-d of what to order from my on-line health and wellness store, Melaleuca, for my trip to Israel (10-27-18)!! I want to be as healthy as possible (been whole food plant based since January 2018 and lost weight and reversed my CHF heart disease), so I ordered this now! I saw the Melissa the other day but did not know what it was, so I just passed it by, but now I know that the L-rd lead you to tell me about it and that I need to order, although VERY EXPENSIVE, this Pure Essential Oil! Praise G-d for his wisdom and sending you to educate me! G-d bless you Mr. Mic!

  43. Great tips! I hope you’ll do an update to your video on the PURE study addressing the latest findings that dairy consumption was associated with longer life.

  44. no mint is not a substitute for Melissa. It does not have citronellal which is responsible for most of the properties of Mellissa, – antifungal, antigenotoxic and so on.

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