Awesome Cooking Boiled Balut Duck Eggs With Coconut Water Cook Recipe – Eating Show No Talking

Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Boiled Balut Duck Eggs With Coconut Water Dilecious Cook Recipe – Yummy Eating Show No Talking …. steam cooked fetuses

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    • Maria Lazo disculpa te encanta ver qué maten a los animalitos antes de nacer???osea que te pasa

  1. I usually respect other cultures but this is just stupid as if you can not eat anything else but some poor animals that couldn’t even be born shame on you, for real just take down this video I’ve been watching you a lot and I loved everything that you cooked but this is just an idiotic act!

    • Kurt
      I think the eggs which are sold in the USA markets, don’t get fertilized, meaning they don’t turn into baby chickens, unlike fertilized eggs which already turned into babies as shown in this video.

    • Broccoli Fan
      It’s just wrong to be so cruel to animals, especially baby animals. We all think we have the right to eat. What about the animal rights to live? Have you ever thought of that?

    • But it’s ok to eat them once they are born? It’s less traumatic when they aren’t even fully born yet,are you crazy? People eat meat all the time yet this one is the only problem?

    • TinTin
      I wouldn’t say it’s ok to eat them once they are born. It’s not ok to eat them at all. But people who eat meat think it’s ok. They have no compassion for the animals because they think animals have no feelings. On the contrary, they are the ones who have no feelings.

    • Gloria Quintana jaja tu tragate tus comentarios señora.
      mientras tu no te comas eso, no la hagas de pedo.

    • Pues en otros paises q no tienen ni q comer ya quisieran esto.y cada quien con su cultura cada pais la tiene diferente y se debe respetar

  2. oh no no no…for what reason? cause you’re hungry? I usually love your videos but you’re eating little babies that were developed, why would you do such a cruel thing?

    • H C yall cant just stop people from eating food yall dont like see its part of their culture

    • Respect their culture. In Asia they eat a lot of exotic foods. If you don’t like unsubscribe. It’s as simple as that. We’re over here eating over fed birds, pumped with hormones and antibiotics …what’s the difference?

    • Soso Momo بيض مال بط قبل متفقس البطه بكم يوم يغلوه وباكلو

  3. Negative commenters need to chill out. She’s making food for her family. It caught me by total surprise too but, it’s no worse than eating any other meat. I applaud this woman for making an interesting and obviously educational video.

    • Jas&Ricki Bonding they are all sisters. The other sisters are at school. This one just had a baby but she’s back to cooking now.

  4. No this is evil…bye i have unsubscribed…how can u boil live birds in the shells …shame on u

    • Hey guys don’t over react. The chicks were not living. They are sold just like eggs are sold anywhere else. The farmers take the eggs at a certain point to stop them from growing. She did not kill them or boiled them alive. That’s how natural it is to eat them in Cambodia. Their are actual you tube channel that explain it. Please don’t hate her. She didn’t think that it would bother anybody. I know of this dish so I was not surprised. It’s not my taste but I won’t hate or get angry at her for it. She had apologized. She didn’t have to but she did cause she cares. Now if your sensitive about an animals life Then maybe this isn’t your channel. In Cambodia they eat animals that western people don’t. So you might get offended. But that’s a you problem. I’ve eaten iguanas and their good.

    • Link
      She didn’t kill them but she participated in this cruel act by buying them and eating them. Don’t you guys have any compassion for these baby ducks? You think you have the right to eat. What about the animal rights to live? Have you ever thought of that?

    • vanilla essence where you life?on mars?they eat for the century..and you know..they make for they.famili..why you so clean for other culture?if you dont like dont show the video..just

  5. meu Deus perdi o apetite e cruel de mais pos eu comeria so o coco mas respeito os c modo e costumes de cada um nem Deus meu socoro

    • I love you videos, I love the girl enjoying the food…. It’s fantastic the way you cook… this video and the frog one was too much for me but still happy to know your culture… in Venezuela indigenous eat snake, cocodrile, monkeys, spider legs (I’ve never ate)…etc…

  6. We never mind darling bcoz in our culture we cut off the hen just to sacrifice to god. Everybody have unique cultural we just try to explore and understand it rather than critisize

  7. Misericórdia ela cozinhou os ovos com os filhotes vivos dentro do ovo? Misericórdia

  8. Misericórdia ela cozinhou os ovos com os filhotes vivos dentro do ovo? Misericórdia

  9. Grown animals are slaughtered while they are alive too. They are raised in tight and crammed cages with barely any resources to survive. They have never seen sunlight. And when they finally leave their atrocious cage, is when they are being slaughtered. Hung upside down, necks being cut, they’re left alone for their blood to drip and drain out, and note that most of them are still conscious while this happens. Yea maybe some places the animals are knocked unconscious before they are killed but that does not make up for the months or years of torture the animal has gone through in the cages.
    Duck embryos does not feel pain until they’re pass 2 weeks. So if you’re bashing this girl and you eat meat, such hypocrisy. If you’re vegan however, I guess you do you.

  10. Been following you for a while and liked all your videos.. but this one is just too much!! I respect the culture.. but boiling developing birds!!

  11. I know it’s hard to watch. But don’t take it serious. Here she thought she was making another good video for us. She didn’t make it to make anybody mad. Come on people. Don’t act like y’all didn’t know that Asians eat eggs with embryos. I knew about this years ago. The food network and the travel channel always show people eating them when their in Cambodia. It easy to think that everybody eats the same thing. Until you see different cultures. Give her a break.

  12. Cada quien su cultura pero en lo personal no solo no me gusta esto también me da asco y lástima

  13. Yassss…..balut one of my favorite food…we only boil it and eat it as a snack…watching your video gave me an idea how to be creative in cooking balut…thank you.

  14. Hell no!!! I respecte all cultures, but! is there anything that they do not eat??….Guah!!

  15. She scrubbing them eggs!! Funny…..they don’t scrub the meat or the veggies that hard. Why the egg shell???

  16. I think some people are over reacted about eating balut duck eggs. There are balut chicken eggs too all over in Asia and western countries like US and Canada. Not sure about European countries. These eggs aren’t my favorite but people should respect those who do like eating them and their culture.

  17. lupita Robles Siii claro me imagino q es asi, y pues cada paiz cn su cultura. Saludos desde El Salvador Amiga Dios la bendiga

  18. All the dislikes are people from the Western World, lol. Y’all need to travel more. The world is very diverse.

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