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  1. Love Cilantro but apparently people have a gene or something that causes it to taste like soap to them

  2. Haha my son cheers’ with everything meal! He’s 2 and would destroy these fries! Good Colab Brian!

  3. This is gonna be great! I am not that much of a fan of sweet potato fries with cheese, BUT these look great! I have to check out Trying Vegan with Mario after completing this video!

    • I thought this whole recipe idea was bonkers until I tried it and I was like….WTF mario? What kind of wizardry is this? It was legit a 9.5/10 dish that I would serve at my restaurant if I ever had one! And I’m pumped you checked him out 🙂

    • Damn baby, I appreciate that! I’m putting hella more intention into all my comments lately 🙂

    • +Brian Turner I think thats wise of you, a lot of youtubers kind of forget that the viewers are what makes them, along with personality and content obviously lol

  4. I love u Brian but this advertisment really grind my ears, first of all pesticides are safe, they have tons of studies and test upon them to certify that they are safe for people to eat and second of all organic food has pesticides as well, cmon.

    • Have you read How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger? It highlights a lot of studies showing that pesticides are not safe, and indeed the less the better.

      Also organic pesticides do not affect us the same way inorganic ones do. Something like DDT stays toxic in the body forever (and it’s passed down to your own children).

      Of course the best way to avoid pesticides, is not to eat animal products, because the animals eat huge amounts of food with pesticides. It then accumulates in the fat and flesh of animals, so by eating dairy/cheese or meat, you’re eating pesticides that are now way more concentrated. So even eating vegan non-organic is a huge step forward. But if you can avoid them entirely then it’s even better.

      organic is farm better for the environment too as it doesn’t destroy the soil, the worms, and pollinating insects. Eventually there will be no fertile soil left, because people keep using artificial pesticides.

      Artificial pesticides just end up getting washed into the environment causing all manner of problems.

    • Honestly, I personally don’t believe in pesticides because my sister who has her bachelors in agriculture and worked on a major fruit/veggie production farm has warned me about them. But you are right the organic pesticides are also really bad such as radish oil that you spray. There are lots of sides to it though, so for people who are interested in organic, this can work for them. For people who don’t care either way like you then you can just skip over the suggestion 🙂 Much love Adrian, I appreciate your opinion!

  5. Team Cilantro is sinful when placed on foods. ESPECIALLY WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR NONE

  6. DAMNNN those look good! I’ve seen Mario on instagram and didn’t realize how charismatic he is… You two have a great dynamic!

    • Thank you, I felt like we were old high school buddies! I implore EVERYONE to follow Mario, he’s a really nice guy and has crazy great recipes!

  7. Cilantro?! Throw the whole plate in the trash! I think parsley would have been more fitting as a garnish. It still looks good though!

  8. Hey Brian sorry if you’ve covered this in another video. I’ve been lifting for about 2 years now and I’m trying to cut out a couple of things for acne, dairy etc. What are some great high calorie snacks/foods that I can substitute in? Thanks 🙂

    • Ooooh high calorie snacks are easy, nuts and seeds are great but I can get smoothies is really easily as well as any pastas or noodles. Check out some of my ful day of eatings and there will lots of ideas!

    • Anything where most of the calories come from fat are typically high calorie (because fat contains 9 calories per gram, where as carbs/protein only contains 4 calories per gram).
      In vegan foods, that basically nuts and seeds (e.g. 100%/natural peanut butter), avocado, coconut milk. Soy beans products also because soy beans are the fattiest of the beans.

      But don’t over do it, because these foods can make you fat, which may not be the result your going for. It’s best to have roughly equal portions of legumes, grains, fruit and veg, with some nuts and seeds. Like the PCRM Power Plate.

      Oats are fricken awesome too btw. Warm oatmeal with berries baked or cooked on stove top is great for breakfast in the cold. And when it’s warm I like to make a berry banana smoothie and just pour it onto a bowl of uncooked quick oats (they’re steamed already in the factory). Really filling, lots of protein, lots of energy. And yeah add some maple syrup and walnuts to anything it’s awesome.

  9. In the thumbnail I misread fries as farts. Just planting the image in everyone’s minds.

    • You gotta try it out baby, it’s not “cheese” in the proper sense but it’s definitely a cheesy dip, I wouldn’t know any other way to describe it

  10. Can you make a video about sugar and acne and talk about sugar from fruit if it affects acne or not ?

  11. Hey Brian… I’ve suffered with mental illness all my life. I just want you to know, it warms my heart and gives me strength that you are there for your gf…. I live a lonely life because there is no man to be strong enough like you are for her….. So I give all the props in the world. You truly give me a reason to live in hopes …one…day… I’ll meet someone as great as you.

  12. Hey brian i am currently suffering from redness my face gets really red super easily just like u had mentioned in a video that ur skin used to get really red from a little movement i just saw ur video where u said to overdose on vegetables do u think that if i start eating alot of vegetables and fruits my redness will go away and if so how long will it take to see results i love ur chanel

  13. jalepeno brine , that sounds delicous. that should make for a flavor pretty close to nacho cheese. i wonder how the texture is though. i imagine with some oil, it would be pretty close. as long as it taste good though, no need to add oil.

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