89 Replies to “How to Make Homemade Sloppy Joes”

  1. You’re the bomb I love the way you talk the way you sound even though I can’t see that well at the moment I’m waiting for surgery but I love to hear your voice keep the awesome work Norma from California

  2. Your recipes are dope but your personality and commentary makes it so enjoyable to watch, you’re not only learning but entertained. Keep up the good work, I see a network picking this up!

  3. Potato buns are good…but some Hawaiian rolls/buns set it off!!! And I’m surprised you didn’t have no Worchfhdvfsesdvtshire sauce in there, this recipe is unique!

  4. I am one of those who have them but I will give it a try. My tastes have changed since I’ve been an adult.

    • Divas Can Cook now that I have a farm and produce my own meat and veggies, I have so much food that new ideas are needed. Do you have any recipes for duck, goose, rabbit, quail, or pheasant? I have some but I like your style.

  5. My family mostly eats their sloppy joes with regular bulbs but the next time we cook this we’re going to try potato buns.

  6. love your personality,,,,,,,,,too darn funny.I have made so many meals from you.I have became a better cook.

  7. Amazing. So glad to find an alternative to canned/processed food. Thanks for your videos!

  8. Divas Can Cook, did you ever try serving sloppy Joes with fried egg noodles? That’s what me and my family always have with sloppy Joes! They’re my favorite!

  9. What. If. Kids. Dont. Like. All. Of. That. Onions & Gallic in. Side. The. Sloppy Joes….i. have. A. Picky. 14teen. Year. Old she. Doesn’t like. All. That. Stuff. Up. In. There. She. Would. Not. Eat. That

  10. This looks so good. I have to try your recipe. Your narration makes the video so interesting.

  11. Girl, how you gon’ be black and not add some salt and pepper to that ground beef while cooking it. So disappointed it just hurt my heart.

  12. I thought I was the only one who cooked down their sloppy joes. Glad I’m not alone. If you let it cook down even further it caramelizes the sugars in the sauce and gives it a nice sweet and tangy flavor. My kids love it.

  13. I am sure that theses are frozen tater that she heated in the oven. You can buy them at any store.

  14. Slammin mouth watering sloppy joes……are the bomb ! Hook it up, just right.. make you wanna moan and blow smoke rings !

  15. my favorite food is crispy fries chicken and rice ,chicken rice,shiekh kabbab. i liove it so so much

  16. This looks so good. I tool like it when the meat sauce keeps its shape and is not to thin. How do you make potato buns? Do you have a recipe?

  17. I love your recipes modern southern soul food, I was wondering if you have considered making ketogenic versions of some of your recipes, it would help diabetes and people wanting to lose weight. You’re back blessing and thank you

  18. Monique, I love sloppy Joes as much as the other sloppy Joe lovers out there, but what I love more is eating them with a dish of delicious fried egg noodles as a side. Have you ever thought of doing that? My family always does that! It’s great!

  19. I enjoy your videos so much. Your meals look so delicious and you sound soooo much like my cousin. ONG. Your commentary and the way you talk reminds me of her so much. Now, I hope what I am about to say doesn’t offend you. I know that your husband is caucasian, but he must and has to love the hell out of you. IJS!!!! You seem so funny, great to get along with …, etc. Dang, I hope that didn’t sound racist because I really didn’t mean for it to come off that way. Basically saying, I can imagine the fun that you guys have, obviously I love your voice and your personality cones through the commentary. Let me shut up before I say something that I really don’t mean to say. ONE WORD OR TWO OR THREE. I LOVE IT!!!!! #FACTS

  20. YOUR CHANNEL IS THE BOMB!!!! I JUST LOVE YOU. YOU SOUND LIKE AN OL’ COUNTRY GIRL LIKE ME. I’M FROM LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS and I saw my Granny making, not all but most of these recipes. But, what’s so crazy about it, she wouldn’t let me my sister and my cousin be in the kitchen with her. I didn’t learn how to cook, well, until I got out on my own when I was 31 plus years. LOL It’s crazy. LOL My granny never wanted anyone in the kitchen helping her. AIN’T THAT SOMETHING? She had 9 children and my mother was the oldest. I’m the first grandchild. She cooks big meals everyday, and everybody is gone. My oldest uncle passed in 1998, my Paw Paw passed in 2013, my other uncle passed in 2014, my aunt passed in 2015, then my Mom passed May 12, 2017. My Granny is 88 years old, and this to say that she cooks like this still till this day because she is so used to it. Now growing up this was the routine. She cooked Sunday {big meal) through Thursday. Friday was always Fish day. Catfish steaks, fillets or whatever. Saturday was lunch meat day. You better take yo but in that kitchen and make yo;u a pressed ham. bologna, You better hope you got chicken loaf and cheese sammich. LOL Oh and you better hope you got some Lays or Ruffle chips to go with that sandwich with that meal. But I would love it when it would be about 6 or 7 pm and she would start putting her dinner on for Sunday…, when I was the only grandchild…, LIKE I SAID i’M THE OLDEST GRANDCHILD out of a million. LOL, but she would start baking her cakes and I would get to lick the bowl. LOL GREAT GREAT MEMORIES. Didn’t mean to go all the way there with my story, hell this was supposed to been all about you. hun. You keep doing what you do, and if I think about a recipe that I would love for you to make and share best believe that I will let you know. BLESSINGS TO YOU SWEETHEART #MUAH

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