22 Replies to “Kid-friendly Vegan Recipes | Chicken Nuggets & Veggie Tots”

  1. OMG! you guys are KILLING it right now! I don’t have a deep fryer but I would love to make these recipes for my four vegan kids! Do you think they would do well in an oven or air fryer?? Keep it up, guys! I’m seriously getting inspo from you guys every week!

  2. can you use that squeezed out liquid from the veggies as a sort of veggie broth? because of the salt and the flavour? or not?

  3. Can you use kidney beans instead of the white beans ? (Or do the white beans have a similar taste/texture) … can you use another flour instead of garbanzo flour ? I don’t know where to find that

  4. Those nuggets look super time consuming but I think if you made a big batch & froze them it’d be cool!

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