SUPER EASY Braised Chicken w/ Mushrooms 蘑菇红烧鸡

Before going on, we would like to give special thanks to La Gourmet for letting us try out their high quality claypot in the video. If you like to buy them, you can go …. used cooking oil collection singapore

26 Replies to “SUPER EASY Braised Chicken w/ Mushrooms 蘑菇红烧鸡”

  1. Just curious as to why you don’t let the liquid/broth reduce further like a traditional braise…. it would develop more depth flavor, naturally thicken, & would not need the corn starch slurry.

    • Hi Lee Cha. Yes you can do that no problem but in my household, we love to have a lot of gravy and this way is a lot faster but it won’t affect the taste either. It’s entirely up to your preference. That’s the beauty of home cooking.

    • brian nemeth braising maintains moisture and it would almost be impossible to overcook a braise. Burnt,…. maybe yes; if one isn’t paying attention.

    • +Lee Cha Ridiculous! Braise chicken pieces for 4 hours, now braise other pieces for 40 minutes. Compare the taste snd texture of both.

  2. I’ll cook this for my Taiwanese wife….without the chicken feet…..though I know she would enjoy……hahaa

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