We’ve created 4 incredibly tasty vegan BBQ pulled ‘pork’ recipes for you to try out – totally made from plants! We use carrot, aubergine, mushroom and sweet …. sweet potato shepherd’s pie cooking light

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  1. Oh, wow, these are really clever! I have done pulled mushroom BBQ before, but I’ve never considered eggplant or sweet potato! I’ll definitely have to give those a whirl. 😀

  2. I love Bosh, but you guys have got to slow down the video so we can see all the measurements and instructions. Also, cooking temps would be most helpful.

  3. I never would’ve thought to use eggplant, awesome idea! And I love how you guys are always using mushrooms, one of my fave veggies. These all look wonderful!

  4. Did you heat the portabello mushrooms in the oven before adding them to the sauce? They look like they have been cooked at that point in the video. Thanks!

    • +BOSH.TV Thank you! I saw that in another one of your videos where you used oyster mushrooms, so that’s what we did. They were delicious!!!!

    • One recipe probably makes 2 – 4 sandwiches, depends how much filling you put in one sandwich! x

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