What I Eat In a Day as a Model | Summer Diet Recipe/Low Calorie Superfood | Sanne Vloet

What I Eat In a Day as a Fashion Model | Low Calorie Recipe, Superfood Option with Sweet Potato, Eaten for Dinner and Breakfast, Perfect as Part of a Well …. sweet potato cooked calories

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  1. YESSS I would love a What I Eat In A Day video showing everything! Thanks for the recipe, I’m definitely gonna be making it! (maar dan wel met tofu ipv kip :-p)

  2. hey i’m French I’m 15 yo I’m 180cm . and I have acnee do you think it’s a problem for been a model

    • MissDeviancy I’m actually not sold on the sweet potato breakfast the mixture was fairly radical but I will try a tiny amount mixed together and make my mind up then!

  3. So glad you think so! Try it out and maybe add somethings to it and let me know how it is! Xx

  4. I swear I love your What I eat in a day Videos, i wish i had a kittchen like yours!! Haha

    I am definetely going to try these foods they look yum !

  5. I am planning more videos for you guys! Will do an upper body one soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Hi I love your top where did you get it from? Also, I WOULD LOVE A VID on exactly what you eat or even on a week, because it must be impossible to eat clean and healthy every day and every meal so I’d like to see a genuine version rather than the on-good-days version!! ALWAYS enjoy your food videos

  7. i very very love (What I Eat In a Day as a Model) this collection ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  8. Oh also, I use the Silk brand soy-based yogurt and it’s really good, my favorite non dairy yogurt

  9. Yass there she is!!! I Love your Videos and Hope everybody WHO Reads this comment has a beautiful dayyy
    I’d Love to See what I eat in a day (Dinner!) ❤️
    Lots of Love Xx

  10. Tamo A Komme auch aus Deutschland und will Model werden!!
    Viel Glück auf deinem Weg Xx

  11. Before I had a lot of unhealthy food, then one day I decided to find some cardio training. I did it and I found your channel where you motivated me to eat healthy … Today I feel great. I want you all the best and to continue recording it, you record motivating other people and kids! Know that you have a lot of fans who love you.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. hey Sannei think you are very cute girl. also you are talented to be on camera and your videos solmewhat relaxing. but sound quality is not very good because you need to do sound treatment of your room, walls, ceiling and floor with carpets or accoustic panels but also me personally suggest tlo use wooden diffusers. check out on google and you going to notice improvement of sound quality ! good luck babe

    • Thank you for the info! Unfortunately I can’t do that, but I’ll look up ways improve the sound on the next videos. Xx

    • really is not much to do. just hang to flat walls in the room 2 or 3 wooden panels called “accoustic diffuser” 50 by 50 cm they are on sale everywhere. price is like 70 euro each and your echo will be gone already. they also fit to the room design nicely. they break the voice wave to different frequency and echo will not come apparent.for other things well is up to posibility. no need to do complete studio surrounding. just 1-2 sound dampening panels called “accoustic foam panel” will also help. its really easy and not expensive. but sound will be 500% better on your already professional looking videos. and your belly is soooo gorgeous 😉

    • I’m a dutchie! I always had a difficult time with English, but sharing these videos has helped me so much!

    • It’s a flavor that I like to add to the recipe! You dont need to, but it’s just my personal preference. Zx

    • That brand of cashew yogurt is not sweet at all. I usually end up adding agave syrup to anything I make with it

  13. I just love your relaxed attitude, your recipes look yummy and healthy very inspiring for me, I need to loose weight but with no stress, tomorrow morning I’ll follow your way! Thank you !

  14. you inspire me so much, your healthy eating and lifestyle, and just positive outlook on life pushes me to work harder and harder to achieve my dream of modelling someday xxx

  15. Yes please do more what I eat in a day videos: breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether!! xx

  16. Well noted about eating sugary stuff in the morning and then craving more sweet things during the day. It really does work like that.

  17. Ik hou zoveel van je Sanne !!! Je inspireert mij echt om een ​​gezond leven te leiden! Je bent zo’n schoonheid !!! Veel liefde …

  18. This is such a creative way to eat sweet potato! Especially the breakfast… I’ll have to try it 🙂

    • I’m going to update my routine after my little trip! I have some new things I learned from my friend that I will share!

  19. Try it without and then add some if you think it needs it. I like this recipe just like this! Xx

  20. I found it so cute when you said “more it doesn’t need” cause in german you also say Mehr braucht es nicht haha <33

  21. Love your what I eat in a day videos! So inspiring to me as a model myself 🙂 P.S I have the same set of cutting boards!

  22. May I ask if you had only one half of the sweet potato, as shown on the plate in the video or if you took seconds and ate one whole (with the stuffing of course)? I’m just wandering, as I never seem to be satisfied with “smaller” portions… How are you doing it?? Haha


    • Hi, this isn’t a meal, but a recipe for something to be part of your diet! Xx check out the other videos too and then put the recipes together to make a meal. Xx

  23. this looks sooo good, i love everything in it!!i’ll try to do it this weekend :)) thanks Sanne

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