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  1. I am shocked. Although, I wonder how it taste. Isn’t that poisonous? I know nothing about snake. Lol

  2. الحيه أشوفها بالتلفزيون أخاف منها
    شلون تكدر تلزمها وتطبخها

  3. មិចស្ងោរជ្រក់ចាំបាច់ដាក់អង្ករបង?

    • ដាក់អង្កដើម្បីកាត់ឆ្អាប់អូន

  4. If she remove the skin and fry I would definitely eat it. But this look little bit scary hahaha. Tell me how it taste like?

    • If your vegan leave and hate on the billions of other channels on YouTube that meat if your not stop being a hypocrite bc chickens getting killed for your chicken nuggets and cows are also getting killed for your cheeseburgers

    • +Emely Mateo Lol yes I’m a vegan. No hypocrisy tho but killing and eating endangered and protected species and specially killing pythons, kobras etc are destroying the wild life, at least eating chicken is not doing any harm. You can’t play around the wild life just for the sake of making a youtube video, if they were really doing it to survive then that’s a different matter, but you can’t kill and eat a python with a face full of makeup and expensive clothes and expect people to encourage you.

    • 霧裡探花水中望月 ooo yeah..i just read that. kinda glad her ass got arrested. first picture was a cat and i noped out!

    • Those who are single can consider marry her as wife.

      Then every day you back from work you will have exoticas for dinner.

  5. jerry flores Because this is very nasty, I do not know that they eat everything, even spiders and turtles

  6. Let her eat in peace she doesn’t need you criticizing her every time she takes a bit out of an animal

  7. VIJAY REVATHI ohh my god I don’t know which is worse calling a snake poisonous instead of venomous or your English

  8. You indians think that you’re so clean there are more disgusting indian food than this

  9. Watching her cook is so much fun and she has a lot of subscribers I certainly hope she is the one making the money from her videos.

  10. If Her Religion Are MusLim, She WiLL Knows And Shy To Eats A Snake, A Pig… Then Going To ReaLized !

    • Hendra Adi lucky she is not a filthy dirty Muslim… Muslim are the cockroach of the planet… bottom dwelling feeders.

  11. เธอกล้ากินนะงูเราก็คนกินงูเหมือนกันแต่คนภาคกลางบ้านเราถ้าไม่ลอกหนังงูออกเขาไม่กินครับ

  12. mcmihaelmaria99 yep you are right. We must eat everything for our life when we are in survival. I don’t know any religions which is put on ban to eat a snake except vegetarian.

  13. Looks good actually . It’s just strange to think of eating a snake but I bet it tastes pretty good .

    • Orang jawa gk punya makanan menjijikan juga mbak? Saya yakin ada, nggak usah komen kayak gini lah. Udah tau dia masak uler dan mbaknya gk suka kenapa masih di tonton. Aneh…

  14. Será se Cascavel presta pra consumo? So tirar aquele negocinho que chia no Cabo dela.

  15. This skin left on the snake made the soup look overwhelming and weird other than that not bad. I still won’t be eating snake though.

  16. +الفرقة الذهبية الحلوة الفرقة الذهبية الحلوة اي صحيح

    • ههه لو كان كان صح اكلت السم ما زدتي شفتيها لكنها ما زالها حية ترزق

  17. Oek oek nk bangt liat nya
    Hih jiji bangt liat nya
    Dasar orang ga tau aturan
    Ke ular ular abis

    • Aduh jangan komen gini lah. Toh dia nggak ngerti sama yang kamu bilang. Mungkin kalau orang luar liat beberapa makanan Indonesia juga pasti pada jijik. Mau di jijik in sama orang? Nggak kan??

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